who cares who sees anything
*Actually, this is a secret, personal blog that no one in my real life knows about, FYI. I keep this for catharsis.

30+ / queer / cis-woman / POC / feminist / odd / ill

I, wanna smash the cis-het-white-male-supremist-capitalist-pig-military-industrial-complex with a hammer, all night long... and party everyday!

Other preoccupations: Deftones + music-love in-general + art in all forms + film + culture + social justice + intersectionality + politics + living creatures + moon worship + my mental health + personal confessions and observations...

I work in the arts; I live and cope with mental illness and (hidden) disability; I'm still pretty new to this.
I'll improve my page + info later/soon.

All questions welcome. Pls call me out if you need to.
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1. My local weather (as seen from my window). It’s frickin’ March 12.

2. My reaction to never being able to take off my red hoodie forever. :/ (Actually, it’s not that bad. I kind of live in this thing anyway). ;)

***BONUS: Dig that I’m inadvertently mirroring Sammi Cheng’s expression in my sweet “Everlasting Regret” poster (behind me), whoop!!***

ADDITIONAL COMMENT: I know I am being narcissistic with these posts/selfies - but I basically decided to indulge this side of me on Tumblr. You’ll have to put-up with it if you’re around, sorry. (I swear, I don’t do this anywhere else tho). :P

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